With Black Friday lingering just around corner, everyone is sure to be scrambling to find the perfect holiday gift for friends and family. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. The following 5 types of people want to be gifted EXPERIENCES, not things! (Note: Shameless escape room game suggestions will be indicated by parenthesis!)

1. What should you get the person who already has everything?: Experiences. You give them experiences. Maybe a nice dinner out (we recommend our neighbors, Salut), or maybe even an escape room game!

2. What should you get for mom? All your mom REALLY wants for Christmas is for you to call her a little more often (seriously, go call your mom!). But giving her the gift of something that you can experience together as a family is an EPIC idea. From a road trip to a yoga class (to an escape room game), it doesn’t even really matter WHAT the experience is; your mom (or dad, or really any family member) will be happy to do it with YOU!

3. What should you get for your teenage kids?: Ok, this is basically the opposite of why you should give a gift of an experience to your mom. Getting your kids to break eye contact with their devices can be near-impossible, right? When you gift them an experience, you’ve got their (mostly) undivided attention for the duration of the activity! Whether its paddle board lessons or laser tag (or… an escape room game!), your kids will be putting down the devices for some quality time with YOU!

4. What should you get for your Sun Devil?: Looking for a special gift for someone away at college, such as Arizona State University? Gifting them an experience that they can have with their friends while away from home is something they’ll never forget! Some ideas include a gift certificate to Snakes and Lattes (board game fun for DAYZ!) or… you guessed it… an escape room game!

5. What should you get for your favorite millennial?: This is the most obvious choice for gifting an experience, rather than “stuff.” (Don’t believe us? Check it out). From the millennial perspective, owning “things” is a thing of the past. We think the millennial in your life would enjoy unique experiences such as Axe Throwing, a Rage Room, or (shameless plug… an escape room game)!

There you have it! Get these people what they REALLY want this holiday season… some quality time with the people who they love! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from your friends at Inferno Escape Room!