Hi! Welcome to the Inferno Escape Room blog! We not only run an escape room, but we’re also escape room enthusiasts (yes, that’s a thing!). We’ve done most of the escape rooms in Arizona, many across the country, and even a couple outside of the US. With this escape room knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of our top suggestions to help you escape the room before time is up!

1. COMMUNICATE! Escape rooms aren’t about being the smartest group… it’s about being the group with the best communication! Any time your spider-senses detect something unusual… words or numbers in a unique spot, a lock, something that you think could be used as a tool… tell your group! Something that doesn’t make sense to you may make sense to someone else, or someone else may see something later that relates to what you saw. No observation is too weird to shout out to the group!

2. Make sure you’ve gathered your crew. At Inferno, all of our rooms are private so YOU choose the players in your game! You’ll want a group with a variety of strengths to be able to escape. Know someone who’s great at noticing the details? Bring them along! Someone else who’s a great leader? You’ll need one of those, too! Other strengths that will help your team are organizers, analytical thinkers, and of course whoever else will make the game fun.

3. Stay organized. Once you’ve solved a puzzle, its components won’t be used again in the game. Move it out of the way so no one gets distracted by something that’s already been used. We like to designate an area of the room for “used” items that we don’t need anymore. On the other hand, sometimes you’ll only have a portion of a puzzle and the other part hasn’t been found yet. Keep these “in play” clues somewhere conspicuous so they’re at the front of your mind when you find the other parts of the puzzle.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a hint from the game master. Sometimes, you just get stuck. Be willing to take hints to keep the game moving.

5. Be prepared to celebrate after! Win or lose, you’re going to want to relive the escape room experience with your team. There’s a lot going on in the room, and you’ll want to make sure you have time for dinner or a drink after the game to talk and laugh about everything that happened during the game!

Ready to play? Book a room at Inferno Escape Room in Tempe, AZ here. Happy escaping!