We hear this ALL the time… “I’ve always WANTED to try an escape room!” To this, my friends, I say… What are you waiting for?! Here are the top 3 reasons why people haven’t tried escape rooms, and the reasons why you should just do it!

Escape rooms are scary… right?! This is probably the most common myth we hear that prevents people from playing escape rooms, but the most easy one to dispel. While there are horror escape rooms that exist, most are not scary and NONE of our rooms at Inferno Escape Room are scary.

I’m not smart enough to do an escape room! Playing an escape room involves many different skills, but it is NOT an intelligence test! In fact, it is much more important to have good communication and to work as a team than it is to have a high IQ. In any event, if you get stuck on a puzzle or clue, there is always a Game Master guiding you through the game!

What if we don’t get out? If you don’t make it through the entire game in 60 minutes, don’t panic… we still let you out! All kidding aside, escape rooms are designed to be a good challenge and many teams do not escape! The real goal of the game is to have fun and make memories with your family or friends!

Escape Room: Waiting Room promo; woman sitting in waiting roomEscape Room: Waiting Room promo; woman sitting in waiting room

At Inferno Escape Room, we believe that escape rooms are for EVERYONE! In fact, we believe this so strongly that we have a FREE game for anyone who wants to try it! Yes, FREE! No strings attached! It is called “The Waiting Room” and it is a 15 minute game to introduce you to escape rooms! Whether you have been putting off trying an escape room, or whether you already love them and have friends or family who are reluctant to try, give us a call today at (480) 567-0190 to check on availability to play “The Waiting Room.” Or, if you’re ready to play a full 60 minute game now, you can book it here!