Spring Break has arrived to high schools across the Valley, and we’ve got a unique way to get your teenagers off their phones! Inferno Escape Room is an ideal activity for quality family bonding time–one that will get everyone involved in the action!

No screen time here!

When you come to Inferno Escape room, your kids will “escape” from the inundation of technology! Instead of playing on a screen, or watching other people play on a screen, in an escape room, you are the characters in a real life adventure. That is one full hour away from phones, laptops, video games, and Netflix. Not only that but when your escape adventure is over, your kids will want to talk about the game for hours!

Everyone plays a role.

While some activities like sports or music require your teenagers to have a specific talent, Inferno Escape Room is designed to have a challenge for everyone. Even shy or introverted players become heroes in our games when they work together and use their unique skills to solve the puzzles within the game. In fact, our puzzles are SPECIFICALLY designed to use different parts of the brain, ensuring that teams must work together to succeed.

Escaping is cool.

Inferno Escape Room was recently featured on the popular teen YouTube channel, “The Skorys.” Teenagers love the idea of escape rooms because they can immerse themselves in a fantasy world, and they are characters IN that world. Plus, they get to play a game with their friends, come up with a team name, and take selfies after the game!

Parents love escape rooms, too.

Playing escape rooms are a great bonding experience for families. It is a medium to learn communication and teamwork with each other, and overall it’s a fun way to spend an evening! Parents also love escape rooms because they teach skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

Happy Spring Break from Inferno Escape Room, and PLAY ON!

Ready to book? We recommend the games Inventor’s Secret (Rated G), or LIT (Rated PG for some adult-related themes) for your high schooler!