Escape Room Tempe: FAQ

Hey enthusiasts: Here is your exclusive FAQs!

Inferno escape games are great family fun, however, LIT and Date Night Disaster are not ideal for kids under the age of 11.  Candy Shoppe and Santa’s Workshop are both playable by kids 5 and older.  Both of these rooms have some puzzles that younger children can solve, but for the most part these rooms are designed for adults. We recommend one adult per 2 children under 10. We do not recommend a group of 8 year olds try to solve a room by theirselves. They will need significant adult assistance and supervision.

Children younger than 5 are not allowed unless the child can safely be secured in a harness, a baby carrier, or a stroller. Our rooms are not child-proof, therefore we cannot safely offer our rooms for children of this age group.

Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 MUST have a paying adult present in the room and that adult will be financially responsible for any damage caused in the room.

Fair enough, that’s a good spot to start. It’s kind of like a real-life video game, where you use teamwork to solve the clues and puzzles in the room before your 60 minutes if up! Each room has it’s own theme, which you become the star of as the story unfolds.

Spoiler alert: at Inferno Escape Room, you’re never actually escaping the room. Instead, you’re given a specific objective to complete.

We’re happy you asked. There’s some intricate escape room history involved… but the bottom line is that as escape rooms have evolved, so have the games. Plus, Tempe fire codes aren’t friendly to businesses trying to lock people in rooms with no escape.

Absolutely not! None of our rooms are scary, and like we stated above, you’re never actually locked in the room.

Still not scary! You’re never locked in, and our rooms are spacious and roomy… just like your living room!

All of our rooms (except Date Night Disaster) can hold up to 8 players. In special instances we can push that total to 10, but that just means that there will be less for everyone to do. Date Night Disaster is limited to 2-4 players max. Candy Shoppe physically requires 3 players, and for Santa’s Workshop we recommend a minimum of 4. VERY experienced players can complete the room with 2 players. First time 2 player groups will likely only finish half the room. Have something else in mind? We’re happy to chat, just give us a call or text at (480) 567-0190. Keep in mind, we’re only on site for games so you’ll need to make a reservation.

We think we’re a great fit for families with teenagers and older. In fact, escape rooms are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. Younger audiences would most appreciate Santa’s Workshop or Candy Shoppe. Both rooms have a couple puzzles that children as young as 5 can complete on their own, but most of the puzzles will need adult assistance. Young kids are great searchers (this only applies to Escape Rooms, not to finding their shoes) and noticing things. Adults could learn a few things from the kids. These rooms are not playable by younger children only. We recommend at least two adult minimum and one adult per 2 children under 10.

Inferno Escape Room is private booking only, so you’ll never play with strangers. It’s the way we prefer to play escape rooms, so that’s the only way we’d offer the experience to our players. No extra charge. You lucky devils.

Parties are our favorite! Mom’s birthday? She’ll love spending time solving puzzles with the family! Anniversary? Come celebrate! Father’s day? Bachelor or bachelorette party? Our “LIT” room will help bet your party started. We can even help you out with engagements or baby announcements! Give us a call or text to talk special requests at (480) 567-0190.

Our booking is done online! You can click here to view our availability and to book. Nonrefundable advance payment is required to reserve the private room. By appointment only.

We have a tiered pricing model, so the more players you bring the bigger the discount you’ll get! Groups of 6 or more get almost 20% off our normal price.

Had a blast on your first game? Ask your game master about a special discount for booking your next game or getting a gift card for future games before you leave!

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Get ready for fun! We’ve got you in our system, and can’t wait to see you soon! No need to do or wear anything special (although thematic costuming is always appreciated).

Please show up at your appointment start time and your game master will get you acquainted with your  the rules and provide you with some helpful tips. Plan about an hour and a half total at Inferno Escape Room, because you’ll also want to debrief and take a couple of pics at the end. Don’t forget to tag us when you post to social!

You will need your full mental capacity to play the game. We don’t enjoy fixing broken props as this may ruin the game play for the next group. So, if you appear to be or smell intoxicated or under the influence of marijuana, you will be asked to bow out and will not receive a refund. Please party AFTER playing.

  • Booking appointments can be rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. You can email, text, or call to request the change.
  • There is a $75 fee for any games that are cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to the booking time.  We encourage players to notify us immediately if they believe they will not make the game. If we are able to release the time slot and resell it, then the fee will be waived.

While are rooms and restrooms are wheelchair accessible, unfortunately our entrance is not. We are located on the second floor and the only means of access is a staircase. There is no elevator available.



60 min escape game
2-8 players



60 min escape game
2-8 players



60 min escape game
2-4 players



60 min escape game
2-8 players