So, you’ve been tasked with planning your upcoming team building event? This is your opportunity to be the office hero! Inferno Escape room is the best team building building activity… and we’re going to tell you why.

Communication, communication, communication.

Communication is key. Pardon the cliche, but because of studies like this one at the Harvard Business Review, it’s become almost common knowledge that communication patterns are a key indicator on if a team will be highly performing. We strongly believe the best way to improve communication is outside of the office, and in an environment that is fun, unique, and entertaining. Great escape rooms themselves are an elaborate communication exercise! At Inferno Escape room, we want teams to work together; therefore, many of our puzzles require people in one part of the room to communicate what they see or find to players in another part of the room. Only by communicating the separate parts can the puzzle be solved.

Thinking outside the box. Required.

When we designed our rooms we started with the premise that multiple types of intelligence need to be engaged in order to win. This isn’t just “left brain” and “right brain” stuff. We are talking about NINE primary types of intelligence. Even with all of the types of intelligence on your team, you’ll still need to be able to put it all together and use flexible logic. Because the puzzle designs are so diverse your team will have to play to its collaborative strengths or it will be a loooonnnnggg day at the office!

No one is singled out, but everyone shines.

The mere mention of the words “team building” can spark fear in any introverts in the group, or really just anyone who doesn’t like to be put on the spot. Can’t hit a golf ball straight? Can’t carry a tune? Can’t throw an axe? In an escape room, the spotlight is never one just one player. Rather, the team works together and everyone’s natural talents and skills are seamlessly brought out. There is a place for everyone to shine in an escape room–the leaders, the organizers, the creative thinkers, the searchers, the puzzlers, the math whizes, spacial thinkers, and so on…

Ready to be the office hero?

Inferno Escape Room has 3 great games for you and your team to play for a corporate team building experience. “Burned Out” was specially designed for corporate groups, and takes a playful angle on the corporate experience. The game is set in an 80s era office, where the boss-everyone-loves-to-hate has just laid you off! Solve the office style puzzles, and get your stuff back before he comes back from lunch in one hour! “Burned Out” can fit up to 10 people in the room. “Lit” is another great game, where you must sort out your fuzzy memory of last night’s events before the hotel housekeeping comes to clean up in one hour. Finally, “Inventor’s Secret” is in a steampunk setting, and you must find and defuse the invention before it goes haywire! Between the 3 games, we can accommodate up to 26 players simultaneously. For more information about corporate team building events in the areas of Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, see our corporate team building page or email us at