Hi, my name is Jackie Moats (sign name J-X) from Inferno Escape Room (sign name ASU pitchfork handshape with waving fingers above, from a Deaf friend).

Today, I want to explain to you all what an escape room is. While some people think escape rooms are scary or hard, that is a misunderstanding. Escape rooms are really a fun experience! Escape rooms is an adventure where you search and find clues, communicate, socialize with each other, and solve puzzles! After doing that, you’ll be able to win the game. It’s a fun game where you work together with friends and family.

We hope you’ll join the PDWO fundraiser at Inferno. There will be other players who can sign, and all of our games are Deaf-friendly. Hope to see you there!

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Event details:

Event info: This event benefitting PDWO/DWU will be on Friday, March 29, 2019. The games will start at 6:30, but please arrive at 6:15 to meet your team and learn the rules! The games last about one hour. EVERYONE is welcome! Must book by March 24, 2019. Book online! Room availability is first come, first served! Limited Space! 1415 E. University Dr, Suite A-105, Tempe, AZ Reserve at:,10,11